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How we do it

Our programmes are based on actual problems that the learner organisation is dealing with. Such issues are identified and selected in consultation with the senior management of the organisation. The individuals who would normally have the responsibility of solving the problem form the core learner team. As appropriate, other individuals may also be invited to the team.

We do not use simulations, case studies or seminar-style conferences. With actual problems, the participants have a real stake in the outcome of the process, making for much more effective learning.

Our programmes are highly customised to client needs and preparedness. Sanvaad employs learning processes that involve the intellect, the physical senses and emotions of the learner. Traditional management education has focussed almost exclusively on the intellectual faculty. However, as we are all aware, a large, indeed the dominant, part of our learning takes place through our senses and emotions. By actively using these as vehicles, Sanvaad deepens as well accelerates the learning process.